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-- Download Instructions for Windows 3.1 Systems --
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These applications were developed for use on an 800x600 resolution monitor. Use this resolution or higher for best viewing. SpacePie V.1 and BigBack V.1 are designed to run on Windows® 3.1. Please note that they may be installed on earlier versions of WIN95 (provided your hard disk space is smaller than 2 gb), but not recommended. The WinSave application will run on WIN95 only. We recommend that you print this page and follow the instructions listed below. Please note that this is a typical description. There may be some differences depending on your system. There are three basic steps to this download procedure: (1) download from the internet, (2) decompression of the self-extracting executable, and (3) run the installation.

How to download, decompress, and install h p c's (formerly Home PC Helpers) SpacePie V.1 and BigBack V.1 on Windows 3.1 systems:

Step Description
1. On your "C" drive in File Manager, create a directory named "Temp" (without the quotes). If you already have a "Temp" directory (C:\Temp), ensure that it is empty. (Make sure it doesn't have any files in it.)
2. On the h p c download page, single-click the icon of the program you wish to download. We recommend downloading, decompressing, and installing only one program at a time.
3. A pop-up window will ask if you want to save to disk. Click "OK". In the "Save As" pop up window, select the "Temp" directory you created in step 1 and click "OK".
4. In the "Temp" directory, double click the self-extracting executable (i.e., "Spie101.exe" or "Bback101.exe") to decompress.
5. This will create some compressed files in your "Temp" directory that are not visible until you refresh. To view these compressed files, refresh the "C" drive by single clicking the "C" drive button on the drive indicator bar, -or- from the File Manager menubar, click "Disk", select "Select Drive", then double click "C:".
6. To install the program, from the File Manager menubar, click "File" and select "Run...". A "Run" pop up window will appear.
7. Type "C:\Temp\Setup.exe" (without the quotes) on the "Command Line" text input box in this "Run" pop up window.
8. Click the "OK" button.
9. Remember to delete all files from your "Temp" directory. Return to step 2 to download another program.

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