This is a document depository & retrieval system. Selected users are allowed to upload documents while other users are allowed to search for and retrieve these same documents. The documents are stored together as groups called document types. The name of the document type may be named like the file type such as excel, power point, pdf, or may be named by access allowed such as by department.
Before an upload can be sucessfully performed, the browser must have proper security settings to allow file size determination. This is accomplished by using a Microsoft ActiveX object on the client pc with javascript. The upload file size must be > 1 and < 10,000,000 bytes.

Third party software on the server is used to handle the upload file processing.

Other versions to handle the upload file processing are in development.
  1. Search: By document title, document type, file name, or keywords (keywords list included).
  2. Keywords: Assigned per document allowing control of search results.
  3. User Types: Sixteen different named types allowed; expandable to 32.
  4. User Access: ID/PW, User Type (for document access), Uploads Allowed, Admin
  5. Document Access: Based on User Type(s) allowing multiple selections
  6. Document/File Types: Determined by system admin; all Windows file types available
  7. Menu: Allow document types to be included; saves users from having to search
  8. Database: Access or SQL

id = admin, pw = admin
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