Dynamic Web Application for
Real Estate Listings

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Phone:   (915) 584-2750

** Demo Version **

Features Include:
Agent E-Mail
Online Help Documentation
Uses Microsoft Access® Database
Allows Visitors to Track Multiple Properties
Data Item Import from Multiple Listing Service
Maintenance of Agent Information via Web Browser
Office Information Maintained via Web Browser
Property Status Maintained via Web Browser
Automatically Sends New Listings E-Mail
Includes Listing Status Signs
Links to Agents' Web Sites

  Custom Designed For Your Business
  Runs on Microsoft's Windows® NT Servers
  Utilizes Microsoft's Internet Information Server's Active Server Pages

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Before reading more, please view our Real Estate Listings Demo at:

While viewing our Real Estate Listings Demo, did you notice the simple, consistent, uncluttered, non-neon design?  Did you notice all the features?  Features include:

  • A listings search engine which can let you search on any available data item.
  • A listings mini-search engine allows simple searches.
  • A listings tracking method permits your potential customers to keep a list of interested-in properties for (to send) e-mail notification to the agent(s) of record or your visitor's agent of choice (from your office). This list also provides estimated monthly mortgage payment calculations for additional comparison.
  • Automatic e-mail notification to your potential customers of new listings which meets their requirements.
  • Links to agents' web pages with a generic agent page for agents who don't have their own web page.
  • Two special listings category functions:  Premier Properties and Open Houses.
  • Online help documentation.
  • Customer to agent(s) e-mail that automatically includes all necessary property listing data so your visitor doesn't have to type it in. E-mail may be sent to the agent of record or any agent listed in the database.
  • A dynamic greeting on the home page to promote your visitor's interest. The greeting is either a seasonal greeting (which includes text and graphics) or an amusing quote from a list of over 900 quotes.

Additional features include:

  • The listings database may be updated automatically on a daily basis using data from your MLS or the data may be updated directly online using your web browser application.
  • Database maintenance using your favorite web browser allows you to maintain:
    • Agents' phone number, e-mail address, web site URL.
    • Listings "signs" (graphics) to indicate open houses, premier properties, properties sold, or properties with contract pending.
    • Listings data which does not come from an MLS but is included as part of your design.
    • Estimated monthly payment calculation parameters:  percent down, interest rate, and term.
  • Dynamic search parameters are created using the current listings available in the database.

The h p c h.com Request for Information form and the h p c h.com Online Mortgage Calculator may also be included with the Dynamic Web Application for Real Estate Listings at no extra charge.

For more information, call h p c h.com at (915) 584-2750. Or send us e-mail at info@hpch.com. Please mention this letter, when you do so.

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