Subscribed E-Mail System
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  • This demo version of the subscribed e-mail system is functional
  • You can send e-mail to anyone who's subscribed to your category
  • You can add new categories that will exist for 30 days
  • You cannot find out who has subscribed to any mail category
This system was designed to:
  • Allow employees at large companies to receive e-mail of their own choosing
  • Allow employees to set-up their own corporate distribution lists with out forcing mail upon others
This system can be used to:
  • Post meeting notices
  • Post new technology notices
  • Send club members interesting information
  • Advertise new products
  • The production version also has a batch mode which allows new subscribers to get previous mail
  • Automatically assigns IDs and Passwords to new subscribers
  • Automatically deletes IDs that have been in-active for a specified time
  • Automatically deletes categories that have been in-active for a specified time

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