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The links on this page connect to our current clients' projects. Most are continuing works in progress. To read about projects done in the past, open our Past Projects page. Send us email if you would like more information.

Project Description
Online Reservation System   (ASP) -- Summer 1999
Feeling a pinch from their competition, Royal Hawaii Condos hired h p c to program a system to display Hotel/Condo discriptions and photos; and present condo (unit) rental availability as well as calculate total rental amounts (including State of Hawaii sales tax) to the Web-visitor. The visitor may submit a simple form on a secured server to notify the Agent. The Agent then processes the credit card information and sends a reply message to the visitor that his reservation has been confirmed. The total rental amount is calculated based on the number of guests, season, unit rental price, and length of stay. Also figured in this calculation, is a "nights free program" available in most condos. The "nights free program" may be different depending on the Hotel and sometimes, the Hotel's individual units as well. An Administrative Interface was designed and programmed to blend with Royal Hawaii Condo's normal work habits and flow, requiring minimal training. The competition's pinch is no longer an irritant! Send email to Dave Williams, owner and webmaster of Royal Hawaii Condos for his appraisal of h p c's work.
Loan Pre-qualification, Mortgage Loan Application (1003) Form, and New Homes Search Engine   (ASP) -- Winter, Spring, Summer 1999
Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company hired h p c to program a system (which at this time is proprietary) specifically for real estate agents and home builders doing business with them whereby mortgage loan applications may be submitted online via the agent's and/or builder's office in order to provide loan approval within 24 hours. In one phase of the the loan application process, the builder/agent may present their newly constructed homes using the New Homes Search to the applicant. The project involved 2 Visual Basic pc software programs: one for the builders to maintain their new homes data; and one for the RMMC loan officer to collect and upload the builder data, download then process the online loan application data for import to the system provided by FICS. Three online dynamic sub-systems were programmed where each collects then passes the collected data in succession: a pre-qualification system, the new homes search, and a simplified loan application system (1003). Send e-mail to Mr. Thomas H. Kennedy, Vice President, for reference.
Graphics & HTML -- Summer 1999
The The Jalapeno Cafe needed some website design help. Glenda made several recommendations: get a URL, rent hosting space on Pair Networks, get an email address that represents the business appropriately, create an image map for the site menu, change the background graphic to be at least 1024 pixels wide, and shorten the text between the <pre> tags so that the recipes would display without overlapping the border image. Glenda created the menu image and coded the image map, changed the background image to be 1024 wide, and created 3 banners (for Link Exchange). She also went through almost every recipe page (6 pages containing 130+ recipes) and shortened the text. Then recommended that Coriel (who previously owned the website) invest in something to give away for free to all her visitors, like a WebScreenSaver designed with her website theme. Contact Coriel Gray, for referral.

Effective May, 2001, Coriel sold the website to Carol Blakely who, we hope, will contact us for more design assistance.
Real Estate Listings Search -- Spring 1999
The Sonny Brown Associates wanted a searchable database of their real estate listings. Their primary wish was that their office could update it online, rather than waiting months for a service to maintain it for them. Plus they wanted a way to upload their property photographs themselves. Their newly hired webmaster, Dave Famine, recommended they hire h p c to create a system in which their office could do the maintenance and upload the property photos via HTTP rather than using FTP software. Contact El Paso Interactive, the web design company, for referral.
ASP Website Conversion, Graphics, and HTML Design -- Winter 1999
Web Site Solutions hired h p c to redesign two in HTML and program one of their websites using ASP with M/S Access database integration. was designed and programmed by h p c in ASP (the screen savers themselves are programmed by ASPelpaso). The Web Site Solutions website and the sites were redesigned in flat HTML. Plans are to convert ASPelpaso to ASP in the near future. All graphics including backgrounds and animations are originals by Glenda Gohman.
Technical Drawings Download   (ASP) -- Summer 1998
ITT Engineered Valves in Lancaster, Pennsylvania wanted a way to track the download of their technical drawings. Connection to their Technical Drawings Download System is restricted to entry by qualified users only. For more information regarding their system, contact Ms. Carole Mattia, Webmaster. h p c programmed user and administrative interfaces to facilitate the display of drawing file discriptions to users, user download-ability of these files, and system maintenance including description editing, password and ID management, and the query of user download history. The query results may be saved in text format for import into PC software applications. ITT Engineered Valves provides high quality valves for industries, such as chemical processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water treatment, pollution control and pharmaceutical and bioprocessing, have been the standard for manufacturers for more than 45 years.

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